Climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain is wonderful experiences which can minimum take five days to reach and get down from the summit. Getting to the summit of the highest African peak can be a life time achievement with so much excitements but leaving you exhausted wishing not to climb down from the summit.
Have you ever imagined how wonderful it would be to get a privilege of getting a helicopter flight taking you down from the summit and take that long waited shower?
Yes, you’re no longer have to think of your descending days…!
Now, DODO GROUP introduces an exclusive and luxury hero flight service in Tanzania to quickly fly down tourists from the summit to their designated area. Who wouldn’t want to get a shower after spending days on the mountain?
We are here to make that happen and create a remarkable memory when visiting the mountain.


Exclusive, classy, adoptable, and extraordinary defines the true distinctive characters of the stunning AS350B3 helicopter.
For the first time we mark the history of bringing the only helicopter to ever land on the highest mountain in the World Mount Everest, to have a taste and touch the top of the blessed Mount Kilimanjaro.
It’s friendliness with all type of weather gives it an exclusive character of being the adventurer capable of flying in any weather and portray multitask roles.
Of course, you don’t talk about a helicopter quality without mentioning it’s engine. The AS350B3 is a clear definition of a high-performance version, beating every other single engine on the list. When we put reliability as one of our basic principles we start with making sure we bring the best and quality evacuation services for our clients to count on us. Because at DODO GROUP nothing else matters than saving lives.


Mountain climbing like any other sport has its good and bad sides, so many mountains have claimed lives of climbers or hikers trying to reach the summit at any cost.
Search and Rescue plays a vital role worldwide, when it comes to evacuating hikers while they are in distress upon climbing. For more than 25 years mount Kilimanjaro and Meru lacked a proper services of search and rescue to tourists and workers. We are introducing a modern service of SAR that will change the perceptions to climbers and hikers worldwide, the service that will have our country as the safest tourists destination in the entire African continent.

AIRBUS AS-350 B3!!

The airbus AS-350 B3 cockpit is fitted with a dual LCD-screen Vehicle and Engine Multi function Display {VEMD} allowing the pilot to check at one glance the main vehicle and engine parameters, thus reducing his workload and enhancing safety.
Our mission of saving lives, on our mountains wouldn’t be fulfilled without these types of helicopters.