Our volunteer programs provide interns and volunteers great opportunities to develop their own skills, increase knowledge and see the tangible benefits of their work within our communities.

Our programs are 100% authentic and engaging, we have numerous placements offering practical training. We tailor your placements according to your area of interest or study. The typical length of an internship is one week to six months, but we can also carter for longer stay. Start and end dates are dependent upon the participant request.
The opportunities are so broad; decide your goals before arriving in Tanzania to make sure your internship is a success.

All of our volunteer placements match individual skills and interests to local needs to assure the most rewarding experience. Our volunteers and intern contribute to a range of projects spanning from education, health, environmental conservation, research, ecological construction, cultural and biological conservation, micro-finance, women empowerment, music, arts, dance & much more.

Volunteering Visa costs
 To volunteer in Tanzania for one to three months you will need to require two visas.  A business visa costs 200 US Dollars, along with your Tourist Visa that costs 50 US Dollars (100 US Dollars for American passports).  Visas are also issued upon your  arrival at the airport or international border crossing the country. We highly recommend to process your visa upon arrival at the airport, if you will extend your stay we will definitely help you to renew your visa.

– Volunteer visa payment of 250 USD (300 USD for American passports) valid 1 to 3 months. 

Note that The United Republic of Tanzania government implements the visa fee and it is mandatory to anyone volunteering within the country.