In Tanzania, the top draws are Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and Zanzibar. With the exception of the latter and the corridor between Mt. Kilimanjaro and the coast, much of Tanzania is quite homogeneous and offers little to the cyclist except for miles of poor roads. That be as it may, Tanzania does have a number of other fascinating attractions that draw little publicity. Examples include the only area in Africa were you can find Cushite, Nilotic, Bantu and Khoisan based languages in close proximity to one another (Kondoa District), rock paintings (Kolo) and stone-age sites (Isimila), pine forests, picturesque mountains and Lake Victoria. As interesting as each is, they are very scattered so it is difficult to fit them all into a single bike tour.

Your experiences with the people are likely to be about the same. You will encounter some high points (children can be very respectful). But by generally very hospitable African standards, a lot of the road edge reception in Tanzania seems mediocre, mocking and negative and some of this crowd (usually males between the ages of 13-23) will leave a distinctly bitter taste in your mouth. If you do find yourself crossing the country on two-wheels, a couple of very pleasant and less touristed areas to build into a Tanzania tour are the Usambara Mountains, the cultural tourism programs around Arusha, Babati and any direction from Mbeya. In short, cycle touring in Tanzania is best when one is very selective, or is otherwise a dedicated cyclist.