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Duration :   3 Days
Total Seats :  378/400

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Safari Overview :

Mkomazi National Park is home to a stunning variety of flora and fauna, all of which may be seen on an incredible tour that lasts for three days. Day 1 starts out with an exciting game drive that reveals a variety of animals, while Day 2 dives further into the park’s desert-like landscape, which is home to acacia and Commiphora woods as well as an abundance of bird species. The successful reintroduction of black rhinos and African wild dogs on Day 3 is the highlight of the event, ensuring the survival of these species for future generations. The journey comes to an end with a visit to the bustling metropolis of Dar es Salaam, which provides an opportunity to get immersed in the cultural customs of the indigenous tribes. This three-day trip offers spectacular encounters with animals as well as cultural insights, creating a voyage that will not soon be forgotten.



Following your arrival at the park, you will go on a game drive in the hopes of seeing Oryx, gerenuk, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, jackals, elephants, buffalo, hartebeests, giraffes, warthogs, and crocodiles, among other animals. Because Kenya’s Tsavo National Park and Mkomazi National Park are next to one another, wildlife is able to move freely between the two preserves. A trip to the Nkomazi Rhino Sanctuary is available for an additional fee and may be arranged. Mkomazi National Park is a stunning national park that spans 3,245 square kilometres and is located in the northern section of Tanzania between the cities of Moshi and Tanga. The name originates from a term in the Pare language that means “scoop of water,” which refers to the limited availability of water in the region, particularly during the dry season.


Your hotel or place of residence will provide breakfast. Then we will go for Game Drive. Go-away birds, ostriches, eagles, hoopoes, bustards, kingfishers, flamingos, cormorants, plovers, and ducks are just some of the 450 kinds of birds that may be seen in the park. The flora is reminiscent to those seen in dry, arid environments like deserts. As a result of the climate, the majority of the vegetation consists of woods that are composed of acacia and Commiphora, but as one moves towards the western highlands, the vegetation changes to a dry land forest.


After we have our breakfast, we will go out for a game drive for the afternoon. The park serves as an important shelter for two species that are in risk of extinction: the friendly African wild dog and the magnificent black rhinoceros. Both of these species were successfully restored in the 1990s; however, black rhinos are only allowed to live inside the confines of a walled sanctuary. This ensures that they will be preserved for the pleasure and prosperity of future generations. Following that, we will go on the road and head to Dar es Salaam. It began as a fishing community and developed into a significant metropolis and commercial port on Tanzania’s coast along the Indian Ocean. The open-air Village Museum in Tanzania has recreated the traditional residences of local and other Tanzanian tribes, and it also often organises traditional dance performances.

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When a customer contacts Dodo Group Tanzania Ltd, they have the option to cancel their booking. The relevant cancellation costs will be computed with reference to the date on which the request to cancel is received by Dodo Group Tanzania Ltd. The applicable cancellation fees shall be indicated henceforth as a percentage of the total amount paid for the cancelled trip. Notification of cancellation received at least 35 days before the tour’s scheduled departure: There will be no charges made for cancellations. Cancellation received between 11 and 34 days prior to the beginning of the tour. There is a cancellation fee of thirty percent that will be applied. Cancellation received between 3 and 10 days prior to the beginning of the tour. Cancellation fees equaling fifty percent of the total cost will be assessed. Notification of cancellation received less than 48 hours before the excursion begins. Cancellation fees equaling the whole amount will be assessed. Tailored trips may be subject to different cancellation restrictions, which will be disclosed to relevant customers at the time of booking. If this is the case, applicable customers will be refunded in full.


What makes Mkomazi National Park stand out from other parks?

Mkomazi National Park is one of the driest locations in Tanzania; in fact, its name translates to "little water" in the local Pare language. Despite this, the park is home to an astonishingly rich array of flora and animals, including a significant number of unique species. Over half of the 1,500 plant species that have been discovered up to this point are found nowhere else on Earth.

What kinds of creatures may visitors expect to see in Mkomazi National Park?

The fauna of Mkomazi is representative of the surrounding desert environment. Giraffes, oryx, gerenuks, hartebeests, lesser kudus, elands, impalas, and grants gazelles live in the same park as elephants, buffalo, and a variety of predators such as lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Other animals in the park include lesser kudus, elands, impalas, and grants gazelles.

What kind of expenses can one anticipate while going to Mkomazi National Park?

Approximately six kilometers (about four miles) away from the stopover lies the Mkomazi National Park. You can reach the main entrance of the park in approximately 15 minutes if you drive there, and the information center there is where you may acquire information or guidance. The cost of admission is twenty dollars (US) for each individual.

Is it safe to go to Dar es Salaam?

Maintain vigilance with regard to your immediate environment, and give your own safety a high priority. In Tanzania, particularly in Dar es Salaam, armed robberies, petty thievery, and threats of violence are all too prevalent. Arusha is located in northern Tanzania, thus use extreme caution while traveling to and around the city. There have been instances of armed robberies, house invasions, and carjackings.

Is Dar es Salaam in India?

The biggest city in Tanzania is Dar es Salaam, which is also the city's name. On the eastern coast of Africa, the city is located on a massive harbour and is surrounded by beaches that are covered with golden sand.

Is it a smart idea to make your home in Dar es Salaam?

The lifestyle of expatriates in Dar es Salaam is defined by an international society, with solid career prospects and fair earnings, acceptable costs for housing (to rent or purchase), and abundance of people from other countries with whom to mingle.

What's Included

  • Accommodation and meals as described in the itinerary.
  • Crater Fees
  • Daily bottle of mineral water during the game drive
  • Entrance fees to all national parks
  • Entrance park fees and 18% VAT to our entrance fees
  • Pick up at Kilimanjaro International Airport
  • Private 4 x 4 safari with roof for game viewing
  • Private professional safari guide

What's Excluded

  • Bank transfer charges & card payments processing fee
  • Cost of Visas.
  • Expenses belong to person nature e.g Drinks not included on the meal plans, personal purchases, Laundry etc.
  • International flights
  • Tip to the driver guide and hoteliers

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