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Duration :   4 Days
Total Seats :  378/400

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Safari Overview:

Embark on a journey across Tanzania that will live long in your memory with our 4 Day Tour. Your adventure will begin with a drive through the beautiful countryside from Dar es Salaam to Mikumi National Park, which will provide you with breathtaking vistas of the surrounding area. Following your arrival, you will immediately embark on an exciting game drive during which you will have the opportunity to see the incredible variety of animals that make Mikumi their home. In Dar es Salaam, you will visit the open-air Village Museum, where you will explore the traditional homes of local Tanzanian tribes and witness tribal dancing. On this three-day trip to Udzungwa, you won’t want to pass up the chance to learn about the thriving and varied civilizations that are found in this part of the world.



As you make your way to Mikumi National Park, the first step of your trip is to leave Dar es Salaam and go in that direction. You are about to go on a scenic drive that will take you on a journey through the beautiful countryside of Tanzania that will last around four hours. As soon as you arrive in Mikumi National Park, you will immediately go on an exciting game drive, during which you will search for the many species of animals that make this park their home. The park is home to a wonderful assortment of animals, including the mighty buffalo and beautiful giraffes, as well as the magnificent elephants, lions, and crocodiles that inspire awe. The excursion offers a one-of-a-kind chance to enjoy the natural delights that can be found in Mikumi, a park that is well-known for being easily accessible and located in close proximity to Dar es Salaam. As the game drive comes to a close about 3 in the afternoon, you will make your way back to the city, where you will be dropped off at your hotel. You will be left with a grin on your face and a wealth of experiences that you will never forget.


You will begin the second day of your journey with breakfast at your hotel or place of home. This will be an enjoyable start to the day. You will be picked up from wherever you are staying in Arusha or Moshi not long after that, and brought along on the thrilling adventure of the day will be lunch boxes that have been pre-packed. Your last stop will be Mikumi National Park, which can be reached from Arusha in around 190 kilometres or from Moshi in approximately 120 kilometres. There are around 450 different kinds of birds that may be seen in and around the park. Some of these birds are rather unusual, such as ostriches, eagles, flamingos, and many more. The park is a veritable birdwatcher’s paradise. Acacia and Commiphora forests are prominent features of the topography of Mikumi, which otherwise resembles the arid terrain of a desert. The western mountainous areas undergo a change based on climate that results in the development of dryland forests. Your day will be filled with the beauty of nature and the excitement of seeing a variety of animal species in their natural habitats.


After your time spent adventuring in Mikumi comes to a conclusion, you will go out into the park for an afternoon game drive. A notable aspect of Mikumi National Park is that it acts as a refuge for two animals that are in grave risk of extinction: the black rhino and the African wild dog. The 1990s saw the successful reintroduction of both of these amazing creatures to their natural habitat in the park. The population of black rhinoceroses, on the other hand, is kept to a walled sanctuary in order to guarantee their protection for future generations. Following the conclusion of the afternoon wildlife drive, you will say your goodbyes to Mikumi and then begin the trip back to Dar es Salaam. This busy city on Tanzania’s coast along the Indian Ocean has a long and illustrious history, as well as a rich cultural legacy. Your journey will come to a close with a stop at the open-air Village Museum, where you will see the traditional dwellings of local Tanzanian tribes and even observe tribal dance. This will give you a look into the rich and varied cultures that are found in the area.


Your trip will continue on Day 4 in Dar es Salaam, an exciting coastal city that was once a sleepy fishing hamlet but has since developed into a major commercial port on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast. Spend today discovering the one-of-a-kind appeal of the city, which includes a trip to the open-air Village Museum, where you can see the traditional dwellings of indigenous Tanzanian tribes and watch enthralling tribal dance. Before the end of your once-in-a-lifetime experience in Tanzania, be sure to take advantage of the city of Dar es Salaam’s extensive cultural offerings.


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Cancelation Policy:

Notifying Dodo Group Tanzania Ltd. of the cancellation of a booking is required from customers. The amount of the cancellation charge will change according on when the reservation was cancelled in reference to the date that the trip was scheduled to begin. If the cancellation is submitted at least 35 days before the beginning of the trip, you will not be responsible for any cancellation costs. Cancellations that are received between 11 and 34 days before the beginning of the trip will be subject to a cancellation charge of 30 percent. Cancellations received between three and ten days before the commencement of the trip will be subject to a charge equal to fifty percent of the tour’s total cost. In the event that the reservation is cancelled less than forty-eight hours before the scheduled departure of the tour, the customer will be responsible for paying the full amount of the reservation cancellation charge. It is essential to be aware that customers who purchase bespoke excursions may be subject to various cancellation policies. These policies will be explained to customers at the time of booking. Before you book your trip, make sure you read through and fully understand our cancellation terms.


Is it worthwhile to make the trip to Mikumi?

Because the plains of Mikumi National Park are similar to those of the Serengeti, as well as the fact that it is Tanzania's fourth-largest national park, it is well worth going to see for yourself. Mikumi is contributing to the preservation of the region's abundant flora and wildlife despite its proximity to Dar es Salaam and the National Parks that are located in the immediate area.

What makes Mikumi National Park such a unique destination?

The park is home to a wide range of wildlife, but the 'Big Five' - cheetah, lion, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros – are the species that draw the majority of tourists to this particular National Park. You will have a wonderful time on your trip in Tanzania since this location is fantastic.

How much is the entrance fee for Mikumi?

Adult residents of the community contribute 5,000 Tshs, while younger residents pay 2,500 Tshs. The cost of participating in a night game drive at Mikumi National Park is $50 per person for adults who are not inhabitants of the country as well as residents of the country, while the cost is $25 per person for minors.

How many hours does it take to go from Mikumi to Dar?

It is possible to go to Mikumi National Park from Dar es Salaam in anywhere between four and six hours, depending on which side of the city you are on.

When would you say is the most appropriate time to go to Mikumi National Park?

Mikumi is a city that can be visited at any time of the year since it is open throughout the whole year. Nevertheless, if you want to visit the Mikumi national park, the best time to do it is from June through October. During those months, the weather is ideal for sightseeing. Because there is little foliage and a restricted water supply, it is not difficult to capture the creatures.

Is Mikumi a nature preserve or game reserve?

After being proclaimed as a national park, Mikumi National Park has risen through numerous landers to become more accessible. In 1975, more territory from both the south and the north was included into the park, which had previously been established as a small game reserve.

What's Included

  • Accommodation and meals as described in the itinerary.
  • Crater Fees
  • Daily bottle of mineral water during the game drive
  • Entrance fees to all national parks
  • Entrance park fees and 18% VAT to our entrance fees
  • Pick up at Kilimanjaro International Airport
  • Private 4 x 4 safari with roof for game viewing
  • Private professional safari guide

What's Excluded

  • Bank transfer charges & card payments processing fee
  • Cost of Visas.
  • Expenses belong to person nature e.g Drinks not included on the meal plans, personal purchases, Laundry etc.
  • International flights
  • Tip to the driver guide and hoteliers

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