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6 DAYS 5 NIGHTS BUDGET Safari Package Tanzania


6 DAYS 5 NIGHTS BUDGET Safari Package Tanzania

Duration :   6 Days
Total Seats :  378/400

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6 Days 5 Nights Budget Safari Overview :

Embark on a thrilling 6 Days 5 nights Budget Safari Package through Tanzania’s natural wonders and abundant wildlife. Starting in Arusha/Moshi, your journey leads to Lake Manyara National Park, where the Great Rift Valley frames the stunning soda lake. Traverse the Karatu farms and Ngorongoro Conservation Area on your way to the Serengeti, an endless expanse of grasslands teeming with diverse wildlife, especially in the rich Seronera area. Descend into the Ngorongoro Crater for a night amid its vibrant ecosystem. Day five brings a wildlife adventure in Ngorongoro, with encounters with lions, elephants, zebras, and unique bird species. Conclude your tour with a full day of game viewing in Tarangire National Park, celebrated for its diverse plant zones and iconic baobab trees. Book now to experience this budget-friendly journey and create unforgettable memories in Tanzania’s natural wonders and wildlife-rich destinations. 

Day 1 – Arusha/Moshi – Lake Manyara

After breakfast, you are welcomed by our experienced tour guide/driver at 7:00 AM, who will conduct a short safari info briefing, after which we journey west to the Great Rift Valley and the Lake Manyara National Park. We will journey via the agricultural and fresh product market village of Mto Wa Mbu, which is located adjacent to the entrance of the Lake Manyara National Park. The town is a souvenir hunters dream, with hundreds souvenir sellers – ready to pounce at your least invitation. The Lake Manyara National Park is one of Tanzania’s most spectacularly placed African wildlife regions, consisting of a vast but shallow soda lake (encompassing two-thirds of the park) at the foot of the Great Rift Valley’s western escarpment.

Day 2 – Lake Manyara – Serengeti Plains

Following breakfast, we leave for the Serengeti National Park, travelling through the stunning high-lying farms of Karatu and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area along the way. As we leave the highlands behind, we make our way down into the untamed heart of Africa, the Serengeti National Park, which is known for its never-ending grasslands that stretch as far as the eye can see in every direction. We make our way to the Seronera area of the central park, also known as the Seronera area. This is one of the most diverse and abundant wildlife habitats in the park, and it is home to the Seronera River. Because the Seronera River is such an important water source for this area, it is home to an abundance of wildlife that is characteristic of the majority of the Serengeti’s species. 

Day 3 – Serengeti Plains

We make it to the camp in time for lunch, then descend more than 600 metres into the crater to see the wildlife that has access to a constant supply of water and feed throughout the year. The crater is home to a large number of different species of animals, including herds of wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, eland, warthog, hippopotamus, and enormous African elephants. The dense population of predators that inhabit this picture-perfect national park, which includes lions, hyenas, jackals, cheetahs, and the ever-elusive leopard, which can sometimes only be seen by someone with a keen eye, is another major lure for visitors to the area. Dinner and overnight stay at the camp; there are also optional upgrades to your accommodations (for a higher price).

Day 4 – Serengeti Plains – Ngorongoro crater

After a delicious breakfast, we will make our way back to Arusha in the vehicle. When we get to Arusha, the African safari will come to an end when we have lunch there, and then we will go back home. You will then be transferred back to your accommodation, which will mark the conclusion of our safari services. The Ngorongoro Crater is encircled by a ring of dormant volcanoes, and its bottom is speckled with drinking holes. It is home to over 30,000 different species of animals. After a hearty meal and a restful night at your lodging, the exciting day comes to a close and you can finally get some rest.

Day 5 – Ngorongoro Crater – Tarangire National Park

After a leisurely morning spent sleeping in and eating breakfast, descend to the crater floor for a wildlife drive (5 hours). You may likely come across animals such as lions, elephants, zebras, hippos, flamingos, jackals, rhinos, antelopes, and a variety of birds. Crater Lake is home to flamingos, eagles, and vultures, as well as storks, bats, gigantic vultures, sacred ibises, kori bustards, blacksmith plovers, long-necked herons, and other species of birds. Other birds that may be observed here include the cow eagle. After having a picnic lunch by the gorgeous Hippo pool, you will start your ascent up the steep trail that leads to the top exit of the crater.

Day 6 – Tarangire National Park – Arusha

Your day will begin after breakfast at around 8:00 AM, and you will have a full day of game viewing in Tarangire National Park scheduled for you to look forward to. The national park is very well-known and noteworthy due to the uniqueness and variety of the nine distinct plant zones that it contains. When you first start out on your game drive, you will be greeted by the old and enormous baobab trees. These trees make even large creatures like giraffes seem to be quite little. The game drive begins in the early morning and lasts until the late afternoon, during which time there is a brief break for a picnic lunch. The Tarangire river, which traverses the park’s 3,000 square kilometres, is when the park got its name.


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Cancelation Policy:

Our Cancellation Policy has been carefully crafted to provide participants both flexibility and fairness in the event that they need to withdraw from the event. If a client requests to cancel their reservation at least 35 days before the start of their trip, they will not be charged any cancellation fees. This gives our customers the flexibility to adjust their plans without incurring any additional costs. If you need to cancel your reservation between 11 and 34 days before your intended departure, you will be responsible for paying a cancellation charge that is equivalent to 30 percent of the total cost of your reservation. Cancellations made between three and ten days before the start of the trip will be subject to a Cancellation Fee of fifty percent. This policy is in place to maintain a healthy equilibrium between the flexibility of our participants and our dedication to provide an unforgettable experience. Please be aware that the whole cost of the reservation will be charged in the event of a last-minute cancellation made less than 48 hours before the planned start time of the trip. 


What kinds of things can you look forward to seeing on my 6 day safari in Tanzania?

A traditional activity on an African safari is going on a wildlife drive in one of the continent's many protected areas, led by an experienced guide. You will have the chance to snap great photographs of everything, as well as get informative commentary from your driver-guide on the surrounding environment, animals, and other forms of wildlife that you see along the way.

What are some of the more well-known animals that are indigenous to the Lake Manyara National Park area?

Lake Manyara National Park is home to a diverse population of native flora and fauna. The park is home to an impressive collection of animals, including regal lions, enormous hippos, graceful elephants, striped zebras, sturdy buffaloes, towering giraffes, lively baboons, and enchanting blue and velvet monkeys. In addition, this pristine habitat is home to resilient warthogs as well as a broad variety of other fascinating animal species, which creates a riveting and diversified natural environment for guests to explore and admire throughout their time there.

Why is the Serengeti in such perilous straits?

Regrettably, the Serengeti is confronted with increasing difficulties as a result of many decades' worth of developing human activities. These activities include expanding agricultural, blooming industry, prospering tourism, illegal hunting, and the damaging consequences of pollution. Because of the cumulative effects of these pressures, this world-famous natural marvel is now under jeopardy, highlighting the critical need for conservation efforts to protect the extraordinary biodiversity and delicate ecological balance of the area.

What kind of terrain does Tarangire National Park consist of?

About 2,850 square kilometres are protected inside the boundaries of Tarangire National Park, making it a spacious location ideal for observing diverse animal populations.

Can you provide me with further information on Fanaka Campsite & Lodge?

Your visit in Tarangire National Park will include lodging at Fanaka Campsite and Lodge, where you will not only have supper but also spend the night. This housing choice includes extensive full-board amenities, providing a pleasant and convenient stay while you immerse yourself in the natural beauty and animals of the area. During your stay, you will also have the opportunity to explore the park's many hiking trails.

Why are the lions in Ngorongoro separated from other lion populations?

The human population is growing at an alarming rate in this region, which has resulted in an escalation of the conflict between humans and lions. As a consequence, the chances of survival are very poor for any lions that may move through, live in, or visit this region. There are still a few lions in this region, although they are mostly solitary and itinerant animals.

What's Included

  • Accommodation and meals as described in the itinerary.
  • Crater Fees
  • Daily bottle of mineral water during the game drive
  • Entrance fees to all national parks
  • Entrance park fees and 18% VAT to our entrance fees
  • Pick up at Kilimanjaro International Airport
  • Private 4 x 4 safari with roof for game viewing
  • Private professional safari guide

What's Excluded

  • Bank transfer charges & card payments processing fee
  • Cost of Visas.
  • Expenses belong to person nature e.g Drinks not included on the meal plans, personal purchases, Laundry etc.
  • International flights
  • Tip to the driver guide and hoteliers

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