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Duration :   6 Days
Total Seats :  378/400

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6 DAYS Midrange Safari Package Overview:

Discover the delights of Tanzania’s beautiful scenery and rich animals on a thrilling 6 days midrange safari tour that lasts for six days. This trip is perfect for travellers on a budget. Our adventure starts in one of the bustling cities of Arusha or Moshi and proceeds to Lake Manyara National Park, where the spectacular Great Rift Valley serves as a background to the gorgeous soda lake. As we make our way through the verdant Karatu farms and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, we keep our eyes peeled for the Serengeti, which is a wide stretch of grasslands that is home to a diverse population of animals, notably in the lively Seronera region. Spend the night inside the rich environment of the Ngorongoro Crater after descending into the crater’s interior. The fifth day of your trip is going to be an exciting wildlife experience in Ngorongoro, where you are going to come face to face with lions, elephants, zebras, and a multitude of different kinds of birds. This excursion will come to a close with a full day spent game watching in Tarangire National Park, which is famous for the many plant zones and unique baobab trees that can be seen there. Discover the fascination of Tanzania’s natural beauties and sites that are abundant in wildlife while enjoying a level of luxury that falls somewhere in the middle. Make your reservation as soon as possible to begin on a trip you will never forget.

Day 1 – Arusha/Moshi – Lake Manyara

Allow us to take care of your lodging arrangements in Arusha, the city that serves as a gateway to the captivating safari spots found in North Tanzania. We have rooms available for single, double, or triple occupancy, so your needs will be met no matter what. Our convenient transfer services, which include collection and delivery at the airport, help to make travel as stress-free as possible. We are able to help you with the booking process for any local flights that you may be interested in taking, whether it be from Zanzibar to Arusha, Dar es Salaam to Arusha, or other locations. Our goal is to ensure that your time spent on safari in Tanzania is both enjoyable and memorable.

Day 2 – Lake Manyara – Serengeti Plains

Our journey will continue as we make our way to the world-famous Serengeti National Park once we have had our substantial meal. Along the way, we pass through the Karatu highlands and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, both of which are quite beautiful. As we say our goodbyes to the highlands, we begin our descent into the untamed heart of Africa and make our way into the wide, limitless plains of the Serengeti. Our last objective is to reach the Seronera region, which is renowned for its abundance of flora and fauna and serves as the source of the Seronera River. Because of the existence of the Seronera River, this area has the potential to support a large number of the diverse animal species that are native to the Serengeti.

Day 3 – Serengeti Plains

It will take us around three to four hours to go through the mesmerising Olduvai Gorge and enter the magnificent Serengeti National Park. The world’s very first ancient human fossils were found at the Serengeti National Park’s Olduvai Gorge. This prehistoric site is located in the Serengeti National Park. The Maasai tribe gave this region its name, “Serengeti,” which literally means “Endless Plains,” owing to the breathtaking scenery that can be seen here. In the evening, go on an amazing safari drive across the Serengeti to see the many animals that live there. Because this is the peak hunting season for carnivores, this time of year is an excellent opportunity to see them in action, particularly in their natural habitat.

Day 4 – Serengeti Plains – Ngorongoro crater

After a delicious breakfast, you will have the opportunity to embark on a wildlife drive in the Serengeti in the morning, and then later in the afternoon, you will travel via Olduvai Gorge on your way to the Ngorongoro Crater. As soon as you make it to the edge of the crater, you’ll make your way back to the welcoming lodge or comfortable campground where you spent the night for a restful evening and a full meal.

Day 5 – Ngorongoro Crater – Tarangire National Park

Today there is a good probability that we will see the tree-climbing python and the long-necked Gerenuk, both of which are extraordinary animals with very long necks. The greatest elephant population in Africa may be found in Tarangire National Park, which also provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind chance to see the interactions that occur between different elephant herds. Get your camera ready, because you won’t want to miss this magnificent sight. After the wildlife drive, make your way back to the camp or lodge where a delectable meal is waiting for you. Get enough of rest so that you may be ready for another day filled with thrilling events.

Day 6 – Tarangire National Park – Arusha

The last day begins at 8:00 AM after a delectable breakfast, and it will end at 4:00 PM. The first thing you do in the morning is go on a game drive in Tarangire National Park, which is famous for its enormous baobab trees that tower above the animals who are grazing underneath them. The Tarangire River, which serves as the park’s focal point, is renowned for being home to one of the greatest elephant herds in all of Africa. Keep your camera ready so you may take pictures of a wide range of animals, such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, and zebras, as well as other antelope species.

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Cancelation Policy:

Our cancellation policy has been carefully crafted to provide participants with the flexibility and fairness they need in the event that they need to modify their arrangements. If you cancel your trip at least 35 days before it is scheduled to begin, you will not be charged any cancellation costs. Because of this flexibility, you won’t be responsible for any additional fees while making revisions. If you need to cancel your reservation between 11 and 34 days before your trip, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 30%. If you need to cancel your reservation between three and ten days before your trip, there will be a charge equal to fifty percent of the total cost of the reservation. In the event of a cancellation made at the very last minute, less than 48 hours before the scheduled departure, the full amount of the reservation will be charged. Please be aware that for journeys that have been specifically planned for you, different cancellation policies may be in effect; any relevant information will be sent to you at the time of booking.


Is Ngorongoro considered a city?

The Ngorongoro District, also known as Wilaya ya Ngorongoro in Swahili, is one of seven districts that make up the western part of Tanzania's Arusha Region. The district shares its northern boundary with Kenya, its eastern boundary with the Monduli District, its northern boundary with the Longido District, and its southern boundary with the Karatu District.

Who calls the Serengeti their home?

These are regions that have been inhabited for a very long time and are quite old. The Maasai are the most well-known of the native people who call the Serengeti region home, but there are many more. The Maasai people spend their lives primarily in peace with nature, yet they do sometimes come into conflict with it. When you are in the region on your safari across the Serengeti, you are obligated to pay a visit to your hosts.

Is kissing someone in public frowned upon in Tanzania?

In Tanzania, and particularly on the island of Zanzibar, where the majority of the population is composed of devout Muslims, physical contact of any kind, including but not limited to hugging, kissing, and holding hands, should only take place behind closed doors. Therefore, even if you're on your honeymoon, you should save the public displays of affection for your room at the hotel.

Is there malaria in Ngorongoro?

In the Ngorongoro crater, the danger of contracting malaria is highest during the wetter months, which run from March through May and again around November. The majority of the slope areas and any other water catchment areas or pools gather a lot of water during this time of year, which results in the creation of breeding places for mosquitoes.

What are two intriguing facts about the Serengeti, and why are they noteworthy?

The grasslands of the Serengeti are home to many different kinds of animals, including all of Africa's "big five," millions of zebras, birds, and other types of predators. According to the findings of biological specialists, the Serengeti National Park is still home to the biggest number of endangered animal species in the world, including Black Rhinos, Wild Dogs, Cheetahs, and Elephants.

Is there a risk of malaria in Arusha?

Kilimanjaro and Arusha, both of which had a malaria prevalence of under one per cent, were, on the other hand, examples of locations in the nation that had a relatively low incidence of the disease.

What's Included

  • Accommodation and meals as described in the itinerary.
  • Crater Fees
  • Daily bottle of mineral water during the game drive
  • Entrance fees to all national parks
  • Entrance park fees and 18% VAT to our entrance fees
  • Pick up at Kilimanjaro International Airport
  • Private 4 x 4 safari with roof for game viewing
  • Private professional safari guide

What's Excluded

  • Bank transfer charges & card payments processing fee
  • Cost of Visas.
  • Expenses belong to person nature e.g Drinks not included on the meal plans, personal purchases, Laundry etc.
  • International flights
  • Tip to the driver guide and hoteliers

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