Our main mission is to serve and protect the lives of women and vulnerable children and young people in rural areas within the Kilimanjaro region. 
We believe that all children deserve the right to live and grow in a safe and secure environment. One of the ways we do this by providing volunteer and internship placements within areas of reach; fundraising, initiating small projects, donations and global support. – “Together anything is possible”.
We are dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children and young people by providing them with shelter, education, accommodation, three meals a day, healthcare, financial support, transportation, clothing and legal assistance.
If you are interested in a hands-on Tanzanian experience, you’ve found the right organisation. We are looking for local and international volunteers/interns that can help us locally. ​
The Cost of Living:
The provision of food, accommodation, education, medical care and lifestyle for the children and young people at the SWIWSCO orphanage is reliant on charitable donations, a volunteer program and Pam and Collins’ own resources. 
​This allows approximately $0.85 per child/young person per day for living expenses. ​​

A contribution of: 

$10 will purchase the monthly supply of brush/broom sweepers
$20 will purchase a monthly supply of sanitary products or cover the property maintenance costs including water access.
$50 will purchase a monthly supply of soap and detergents or the supply of water orthe supply of electricity or purchase 40 pair of school socks.
$100 will purchase all 840 monthly breakfasts or the total monthly vegetable supply. 
$150 – $200 will purchase daily lunch for all or buy 20 pairs of school shoes or school bags
$250 will purchase 840 nutritious monthly dinners. 

Alternatively, sponsoring the living costs of an individual child or young person is $37 USD per month ($444 USD per annum)​


Educational Fees Sponsorship: 
The cost of good quality education is $800 – $1500 USD per annum.  Currently, the futures of 3 young people would benefit greatly with educational fees sponsorship. Two of these worthy young women are currently at Government-funded Lower Secondary Schools and the third will need to change to a Government-funded school in 2018 unless sponsorship is secured.

Wishlist Contributions:
The purchase of a 40 x 40 metre² block of land adjacent to the Children’s Village valued at $10,000 USD. The purchase of the land will enable a self-sufficient supply of some fresh vegetables and fruits for the children’ village. Benefits envisaged include, but are not limited to: recurrent cost reduction and potential income, increased nutrition, vocational experience, community partnerships.

The purchase of a 12-seater vehicle will add to capacity, passenger safety and comfort. At any one time there may be 20 people needing to be at school/work by 8.00am and/or picked up at the end of the day.  SWIWSCO currently owns a 6-seater vehicle. Some of the children and young people are required to walk long distances to and from school or a bus stop. They may leave home at 7.00am and not return until after 5.00pm